Gus Slavin (Loophole)

Created by Dwight V. Babcock and George Bricker This time out, he's GUS SLAVIN, an LA-based investigator for a bonding service, who's putting the screws on war hero turned nice guy bank teller Mike Donovan (Barry Sullivan, the star of the show, playing the classic noir bonehead/doofus to perfection). Gus is convinced Donovan had something … Continue reading Gus Slavin (Loophole)

Chris Conlon (The Spider)

Created by Lowell Brentano & Fulton Oursler In The Spider Woman, a likably cheesy 1945 B-film from Twentieth Century Fox, ex-cop turned slick New Orleans private eye CHRIS CONLON, is caught up in a web of crime. A "web" of crime. Get it? It starts out with Conlon (played by Richard Conte) being hired by Judith Smith (Faye … Continue reading Chris Conlon (The Spider)

Donegal Dawn (Secrets of Chinatown)

Created by Guy Morton "You're a white girl -- what are you doing in a place like this?" Dapper Vancouver, B.C. private eye DONEGAL DAWN is called in by the police commissioner, and reluctantly asked to look into the recent rash of "mysterious deaths" in Vancouver's Chinatown after one of the commissioner's own detectives is … Continue reading Donegal Dawn (Secrets of Chinatown)