Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Created by Jim Sanderson It's the 1980s, and there's boom money to be made--one way or another--in the hard-scrabble West Texas oil patches out near Odessa, but COLTON PARKER isn't exactly setting the world on fire. He's a chump-change criminal, trying to stay out of trouble, working as a bouncer for a local gambler, and … Continue reading Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Skeeter Barlow

Created by James M. Reasoner & Livia J. Washburn At a shade over six feet, and a tad under 150 pounds, CASSANDRA "SKEETER" BARLOW's a cowgirl who knows how to take care of herself. By night, she bounces rowdy cowboys and keeps the peace at the Horsehead Bar and Grill in Fort Worth, Texas, and … Continue reading Skeeter Barlow

Joe “The Bouncer” Brody

Created by David Gordon An eye is an eye is an eye. Except when he isn't. JOE "THE BOUNCER" BRODY is not a private eye--he's, well, a bouncer. But that doesn't stop him from getting into all the same sorts of ituations that a private--particularly a trouble-bound shit magnet private eye--does. Joe was kicked out … Continue reading Joe “The Bouncer” Brody