Joe “The Bouncer” Brody

Created by David Gordon

An eye is an eye is an eye.

Except when he isn’t.

JOE “THE BOUNCER” BRODY is not a private eye–he’s, well, a bouncer.

But that doesn’t stop him from getting into all the same sorts of ituations that a private–particularly a trouble-bound shit magnet private eye–does.

Joe was kicked out of Harvard and, and worked for a while as a Black Ops Specialist, and he’s got the PTSD blues, the substance abuse problems and a highly questionable skill set to show for it. But that’s all behind him now. At least theoretically.

He lives with his granma out in Queens, and works as a bouncer at a strip joint. Thanks to a boyhood buddy, he’s got a side gig as well–as a reluctant “fixer” for the New York mob.

Sure, he’s got his problems –like being a little too fond of alcohol and drugs — but when the going gets tough for New York’s gangster class, Joe’s the one they call, in this black-hearted, action-packed series of acclaimed novels by David Gordon.

Imagine Jack Reacher without the thinky bits, re-imagined by Donald Westlake, and you’re almost there. Heists, car chases, scams, shoot-outs and low-IQ thugs abound. 


The author holds an MA in English and Comparative Literature and an MFA in Writing, both from Columbia University, and has worked in film, fashion, publishing and pornography.


  • “Fast, funny and tough, David Gordon’s The Bouncer will toss you over his shoulder like King Kong and carry you away.”
    — Max Allan Collins
  • The Bouncer feels like the introduction to a series…loaded with interesting, quirky characters who are just different enough from those one usually encounters in a crime novel to shoulder its way to the top of your reading list…Gordon has garnered critical acclaim for his previously published fiction but deserves more notice in the public eye. This may be the book that provides that impetus. And somebody in the video industry needs to read it as well.”
    — Bookreporter
  • “This one has everything, from a car chase that makes what Steve McQueen does with that Mustang in Bullitt seem like a Sunday drive, to a showdown in a Russian bathhouse that is part Marx Brothers and part Kill Bill. For anyone with a taste for blood-spattered comic capers featuring characters who vault off the page, Against the Law is an exquisite fever dream in Technicolor.”
  • — Booklist (starred review)
  • “David Gordon brings an outstanding new voice to the contemporary crime novel.”
    — Robert Crais



  • “Sergeant Santa” (2021)  | Buy this book
    A Christmas mystery, from the Mysterious Press.
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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