Chinese Eyes

Eyes of the Red Dragon Bob O'Hara by Gilbert Thomas (Hong Kong) Huo Sang  by Cheng Xiaoqing Lao She & Judge Dee Ren Jie by by S.J. Rozan & John Shen Yen Nee Mei Wang by Diane Wei Liang (Beijing) Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.  

Huo Sang

Created by Cheng Xiaoqing (1893-1976) Chinese author Cheng Xiaoqing started his literary career in the early 1910s, translating Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories—surely one of the best ways to lift the lid and get a look at the works. It wasn’t long before he figured out, in those heady pre-revolution days, that China deserved … Continue reading Huo Sang

Untitled Chinese Miss Fisher Project

Based on characters created by Kerry Greenwood Developed for television by Jin Weiyi Coming soon to a television set near you (if you live in China) is Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. But this is not the one you think, starring the delectable Essie Davis as the crime-busting, murder-solving socialite and private detective. Nope, this one … Continue reading Untitled Chinese Miss Fisher Project