Spicy Tales: A Naughty Anthology

(1988-90, Eternity Comics/Malibu)   Spicy Tales: A Naughty Anthology was a comic book from Eternity Comics/Malibu Graphics that ran for twenty issues in the 1980s and 1990s, and reprinted comics from the pages of the "Spicy" pulps of the 1930s and 1940s (Spicy Detective, Spicy Mystery, Spicy Advenutre, et al), and from the pre-code comic … Continue reading Spicy Tales: A Naughty Anthology

Mike Danger (Danger and Adventure)

Created by ?? "Come and get it, chumps!" MIKE DANGER was a so-so comic book P.I. out of New York who appeared in a short-lived run of so-so private eye tales back in the fifties, in short-lived, so-so anthology series, Danger and Adventure, published by Charlton. So??? Perhaps the most interesting thing about Mike (besides the … Continue reading Mike Danger (Danger and Adventure)

Roy Raymond

Created by "Jack Miller (?) and Ruben Moreira (art) Everyone loved this Raymond. The first great private eye to appear in Detective Comics, rough-and-tumble Slam Bradley, Siegal and Schuster's two-fisted, hardboiled throwback to the pulp era, made his last regularly scheduled appearance in 1949, in issue #152. The very next issue marked the debut of a decidedly … Continue reading Roy Raymond

Crime Mysteries

Another short-lived comic book anthology series from the fifties, the claim to fame of Crime Mysteries was that it reprinted comic strips from various crime and detective pulps, including private eyes Jerry Jasper, Dan Turner and Don Grady ("The Man of a Thousand Faces"), Queenie Starr ("The Glamor Girl of Hollywood"), Dr. Lance Storm ("The Hunter of Enemies of Justice"), Sally the … Continue reading Crime Mysteries

Luke Cage

Created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr. "I ain't about the tights and shit..." -- Cage on why the tiara is gone, in Alias #1 A working class hero is something to be... When LUKE CAGE made his debut in Luke Cage: Hero for Hire in 1972, he was the first African-American superhero to … Continue reading Luke Cage

Rocky Jorden

Created by Tom Lammers "Things began to happen fast! Shots went off and I felt a searing pain in my left arm! Vaguely, I saw the punk collapse with a death rattle in his throat." -- typical hard-boiled prose, right from Rocky's mouth. Here's a blast from the past-another short-lived attempt to bring the P.I. … Continue reading Rocky Jorden

Skip McCoy

Created by Allen Bellman One of the earliest private eyes in what would become the Marvel Universe, SKIP McCOY (aka "Detective Skip McCoy") may have been, at best, a minor footnote in comic book history, but he sure got around. We know he was a detective, but he seemed to conveniently fluctuate between working for … Continue reading Skip McCoy

Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)

Created by Irwin Hasen & Stockridge Winslow LESLIE "THE FERRET" LENROW is an early private eye character from Marvel Comics way back in 1940, in an issue of Marvel Mystery Comics. According to the comics, he's a "well-known author and private investigator" who lives in Greenwich Village. Unlike most of the other heroes (The Human Torch, Electro, The … Continue reading Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)

Rip Kirby

Created by Alex Raymond The first modern detective? I'm not sure about that, but REMINGTON "RIP" KIRBY was certainly the most successful -- and certainly the longest-running -- attempt to bring a private eye to the comics page. Written and drawn by comics legend Alex Raymond, the same artist who had previously proven himself with, … Continue reading Rip Kirby

Crime Smashers

"Crime Can't Pay -- In Any Way!" --the Crime Smashers tagline A short-lived comic book anthology series from Trojan, Crime Smashers reprinted four of the most popular comic stories once found in the pages of parent corporation Culture Publications' pulp magazines (including Hollywood Detective and Spicy Detective), nestled between the prose short stories and novellas. … Continue reading Crime Smashers