Rip Kirby

Created by Alex Raymond The first modern detective? I'm not sure about that, but REMINGTON "RIP" KIRBY was certainly the most successful -- and certainly the longest-running -- attempt to bring a private eye to the comics page. Written and drawn by comics legend Alex Raymond, the same artist who had previously proven himself with, … Continue reading Rip Kirby

Crime Smashers

"Crime Can't Pay -- In Any Way!" --the Crime Smashers tagline A short-lived comic book anthology series from Trojan, Crime Smashers reprinted four of the most popular comic stories once found in the pages of parent corporation Culture Publications' pulp magazines (including Hollywood Detective and Spicy Detective), nestled between the prose short stories and novellas. … Continue reading Crime Smashers

Ms. Tree

Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty Since Mike Hammer was originally planned for comic books, it only seems fitting that Spillane defender/apologist and hard-boiled renaissance man Max Allan Collins' "female Mike Hammer," MICHAEL TREE, should appear in the appropriate medium. And who knows? Collins is probably most famous for his historical detective novels … Continue reading Ms. Tree

My Scrapbook: Darwyn Cooke’s Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley

My Scrapbook Darwyn Cooke's Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley (March 2001) Say what you will about Slam Bradley, arguably DC Comics' longest running detective character (first appearance: Detective Comics #1), but his revival in 2001 in a four-part backup that ran in issues #759-762 of that magazine may be the greatest and most sincere … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Darwyn Cooke’s Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley

Cal McDonald

Created by Steve Niles  Booze and pills are the least of his demons... CAL McDONALD is another eye chasing things that go bump in the night, a sort of unlicensed private occult detective who appears in a string of novels and decidedly adult comic Criminal Macabre series by Steve Niles. With his zombie traveling companion … Continue reading Cal McDonald

Danny Danger

Created by Leonard Starr and Richard Hughes "Yep, it's like In always say! Dames and excitement -- excitement and dames!" You thought Mickey Spillane's comic book eye Mike Danger had a pretty silly monicker for a P.I.? Toss in the asiago of alliteration, and DANNY DANGER's is even sillier. Danny was a private detective who appeared regularly … Continue reading Danny Danger

Lucky Coyne

(aka "Kensington Slade," "Jinx Jordan" and "Rocky Stone") Created by the Harry "A" Chesler Feature Syndicate Yet another of those comic book eyes that slipped through the cracks was the chameleon-like  NEIL "LUCKY" COYNE. In his brief career -- he appeared in as many as a couple of dozen cases stretching from about 1937 to … Continue reading Lucky Coyne