Eddie Race

Created by Doug Wildey (1922-94) E.V. "EDDIE" RACE was the handsome, square-jawed private eye hero of a detective strip that appeared in the short-lived (two issues!) Sojourn, Joe Kubert's tabloid-sized comics anthology magazine, which was done to support the Joe Kubert School of Comic Art and its students. It was written and drawn by Doug … Continue reading Eddie Race

Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Created by Brian Schirmer Every fantasy epic ends with a war. But what happens when the war is over? All set for a female comic book private eye in an ongoing fantasy series that pitches itself as “Magnum P.I.  meets Fables”? That's the concept behind Fairlady, a 2019 Image Comics fantasy offering. The war is … Continue reading Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Paul DeSanto

Created by Steve Niles & Scott Morse "His body looked like it had been fed through a sausage press." When a man's partner is killed, you're supposed to do something about it. Right? So when Los Angeles private dick PAUL DeSANTO discovers one of his operatives, Lou "Potbelly" Sanders, dead in a Hollywood alley, he figures he … Continue reading Paul DeSanto

Joe Coogan

Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson "No use avoiding the obvious. I was dead." -- Joe faces facts This P.I.'s expired and gone to meet his maker! He's a stiff! Rough and tumble Los Angeles private eye JOE COOGAN's life may not have been much. For over twenty years, he drank in between bouts … Continue reading Joe Coogan

Danny Danger

Created by Leonard Starr and Richard Hughes "Yep, it's like In always say! Dames and excitement -- excitement and dames!" You thought Mickey Spillane's comic book eye Mike Danger had a pretty silly monicker for a P.I.? Toss in the asiago of alliteration, and DANNY DANGER's is even sillier. Danny was a private detective who appeared regularly … Continue reading Danny Danger

Carter Mason

Created by Vernon Henkel CARTER MASON is another of those one-shot wonders who popped up in a comic book story once, never to be seen again. In his one appearance, "Mr In-Between," a story in the October 1946 (and only) issue of A-1 Comics, a comic anthology, we're told that "They call him Mr. In-Between because he's … Continue reading Carter Mason