Poppy Dillworth

Created by Dorothy Tell Dorothy Tell wrote about POPPY DILLWORTH, a cranky 65-year-old retiree from the Dallas Police Department who decides to become a private detective instead of committing suicide. Go figure. She made her debut in the author’s first book, a romance, Wilderness Trek (1990), which was ostensibly a story of six women on a camping … Continue reading Poppy Dillworth

Deuce Ramsey

Created by Jamie Mandelkau There wasn't much love for the off-beat The Leo Wyoming Caper when it was released in 1977, and it hasn't much improved with age. Dallas, Texas gumshoe DEUCE RAMSEY is hired to track down eccentric (ie: batshit crazy) millionaire and merry prankster Leo Wyoming, an aging hippie who's planning a local "art … Continue reading Deuce Ramsey

Lee Henry Oswald

Created by Harry Hunsicker Talk about your double-barrelled names! LEE HENRY OSWALD (Call him "Hank."... PLEASE!) is a Dallas PI with one hell of a monicker. He apparently was given his jaw-dropping name in a parental attempt to toughen him up, sorta like on the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue". It seems to … Continue reading Lee Henry Oswald

Charlie Gants

Created by Terry Marlowe Joint pseudonym of Richard Abshire and William Clair Things going bump in the night? He's on it! CHARLIE GANTS is a troubled ex-homicide detective from Dallas working as a private eye, who appeared in two well-received books with definite supernatural overtones, written by real-life Dallas cops Richard Abshire and William Clair. … Continue reading Charlie Gants

Jack Kyle

Created by Richard Abshire JACK KYLE is an ex-cop turned Dallas gumshoe, who served in Vietnam as a sniper and seems to know way more than he should about explosives. During his cop days he earned the nickname "Turnaround Jack" for his ability to "turnaround" a case. But he's pretty much your typical hard-boiled operative: … Continue reading Jack Kyle

Jack Flippo

Created by Doug J. Swanson JACK FLIPPO was a Dallas assistant DA once upon a time, but thanks to one little "libido-driven mistake", he now finds himself seriously underemployed, working as a low-rent (but affable) private peeper, prowling cheesy motels, armed with a tape recorder and a camera. He's not so much hard-boiled as hard-luck, … Continue reading Jack Flippo

Ace Edwards

Created by Randy Rawls Big hat, no cattle? Or the real deal? ARTHUR CONAN EDWARDS (that's just "Ace" to his friends) has been around. He may carry his heart on his sleeve at times, but he also carries a gun in his boot. He's been a husband and a cop. But after an early retirement, … Continue reading Ace Edwards

Nick Alston

Created by Tim Baker Private detective NICK ALSTON is just one of the three compelling figures at the centre of Australian writer Tim Baker's ambitious conspiracy noir, Fever City (2016). Also along for the ride is an anguished American hitman, Philip Hastings and his Italian partner Luchino, with whom Alston tangles during the investigation into the … Continue reading Nick Alston