Oxel Kärnhus (The Creep)

Created by John Arcudi "Whoa... That is one ugly sucker." First introduced in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, comic book writer John Arcudi's The Creep is not just a wondrous continuation of the old defective detectives schtick of the 1940s crime pulps, but a moving (and sadly overlooked) addition to the P.I. genre itself. … Continue reading Oxel Kärnhus (The Creep)

Nameless (The Big Farewell)

Created by Dan Leissner "I've had a ton of shit shovelled in my face. The shit they gave me when I went off to war. And when I came home... And lame excuses and empty promises from guys on their knees, trying to stop me from doing my job. Trying to wriggle out of a … Continue reading Nameless (The Big Farewell)

Eric Bolan (The Silent Whisper)

Created by Jonathan Betuel When the family of a San Francisco cop ERIC BOLAN (David Beecroft) discovered his wife and two young children had been targeted by the serial killer he had  been investigating, he rushed to defend them--but arrived too late, and had his throat and his vocal chords slashed. Left unable to speak, … Continue reading Eric Bolan (The Silent Whisper)

Adrian Monk (Monk)

Created by Andy Breckmann & David Hoberman "Do you smell gas?" -- Adrian Monk Love it or hate it, this was the face of private eye TV in the first decade of the new millennium, a tongue wedged firmly in his cheek, and all the grit of a sitcom. So forget Spade or Marlowe or … Continue reading Adrian Monk (Monk)

Erica Jensen

Created by Debbi Mack Licence? I don't need no stinkin' licence! Playing by the rules and following orders while deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 as a Marine left ERICA JENSEN with a fucked-up back, PTSD and an addiction to painkillers, so she's decided to keep it low key. And who really needs all that tiresome … Continue reading Erica Jensen

John Kenneth Galbraith Jantarro

Created by Simon Ritchie Pseudonym of Simon Fodden ''And then I saw, nursing at her breast, the Magnum. Squat and ugly...it offered its black mouth to her, hungry beyond all possibility of feeding." -- Yikes! (The Hollow Woman) Toronto insurance investigator JOHN KENNETH GALBRATH JANTARRO (now there's a world-class monicker!) lost a hand and part … Continue reading John Kenneth Galbraith Jantarro

Robert Bogerud (Detektiv Downs)

Created by Bård Breien It's not often you get to see a private eye flick where the gumshoe has Down Syndrome, but that's exactly what the so far well-received Detective Downs, a 2013 Norweigian comedy mystery that made the North American film festival circuit, promised. ROBERT BOGERUD is the sleuth in question. He's twenty-eight, and … Continue reading Robert Bogerud (Detektiv Downs)

Max Carrados & Louis Carlyle

Created by Ernest BramahPseudonym of Ernest Bramah Smith1868-1942 "I have no blundering, self-confident eyes to be hoodwinked." Ernest Bramah's MAX CARRADOS, often billed as "The Blind Detective," was arguably the first of the defective detectives, and certainly one of the worthiest rivals of Sherlock Holmes. It may have been a gimmick, but it was a … Continue reading Max Carrados & Louis Carlyle

Manville Moon

Created by Richard Deming Pseudonyms include Max Franklin, Emily Moor, Ellery Queen (1915-1983) MANVILLE "MANNY" MOON is one of the great series eyes that somehow slipped through the cracks, somewhere between the pulps of the late forties and the he-man crime digests and paperbacks of the fifties. He's tough, honest and handy with the wisecracks, … Continue reading Manville Moon