The Dick Powell Show

Television Anthology Series (1961-63, NBC) Hosted by crooner-turned-amiable-tough-guy Dick Powell, the aptly titled THE DICK POWELL SHOW (aka “The Dick Powell Theatre," "The Dick Powell Reynolds Aluminum Show") was the actor/host/producer’s his last anthology show, but it was a good one, a quality production garnering Emmy nominations for Outstanding Dramatic Achievement for both seasons it was … Continue reading The Dick Powell Show

Rex Shepard (You Never Can Tell)

Created by Lou Breslow and David Chandler "Oh Goldie, these are humans we're dealing with. You can't just tell them the truth and expect them to believe it." -- Rex explains the inadequacies of humans. Speaking of unfortunate viewing habits, how could you not include You Never Can Tell in the list of movies on your … Continue reading Rex Shepard (You Never Can Tell)

Richard Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Radio)

Created by Ray Buffum Dashing RICHARD ROGUE was a hard-nosed, if not quite hard-boiled, private eye with a certain flair for solving crimes before the police do in Rogue's Gallery, a NBC radio show that premiered in 1945, and ran for six or so years, under various titles, with different leads, on various networks. It … Continue reading Richard Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Radio)

Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Created by Blake Edwards (1922-2010) In the fifties, realizing he was perhaps a little too long in the tooth to reprise his role as Richard Diamond for television, Dick Powell turned to directing and producing. In 1952, along with David Niven, Charles Boyer and Ida Lupino, Powell created Four Star Television (later Four Star Films), … Continue reading Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

My Scrapbook: The Richard Diamond page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

My Scrapbook The Richard Diamond page from Radio's Golden Years by Breese and Lynes   This is the Richard Diamond entry from Radio's Golden Years: A Visual Guide to the Shows & Stars, a 1998 self-published, limited edition labour of love by Frank Bresee and Bobb Lynes. It may not be the most thorough of reference book on … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Richard Diamond page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

Richard Diamond

Created by Blake Edwards (1922-2010) "Diamond Detective Agency. A pleasant smile, a cheerful rhyme, and we'll keep you from doing time." -- Diamond answers his own phone. Babyfaced Dick Powell was considered pretty much a lightweight song-and-dance man until his rebirth as a movie tough guy in Murder My Sweet (1944, RKO), where he played … Continue reading Richard Diamond