Dorothy Skelf, Jenny Skelf & Hannah Skelf (The Skelfs)

Created by Doug Johnstone They are women--hear them roar. Tere have been some strange families in the Shamus Game over the years, from the duplicitous, fractious Spellmans of San Francisco and the loud, unruly British-Italian Lunghis to the enternally bickering father-son combo of the Doyles of Newfoundland, but THE SKELFS of Edinburgh, Scotland are in a class … Continue reading Dorothy Skelf, Jenny Skelf & Hannah Skelf (The Skelfs)

Quintilian Dalrymple

Created by Paul Johnston How can you not love a PI named QUINTILIAN DALRYMPLE? But this series by Scottish author Paul Johnston has way more going for it than just a protagonist with a peculiar monicker. Imagine Edinburgh as an Orwellian, totalitarian independent city-state in 2020 and that's where you'll find this fellow. A blues-haunted … Continue reading Quintilian Dalrymple

Jackson Brodie

Created by Kate Atkinson Hailing originally from Yorkshire, Cambridge (and later Edinburgh) moody, broody private investigator JACKSON BRODIE is many things: an ex-cop, an ex-soldier, an ex-husband, a weekend dad and a man who knows what it's like be dragged through the emotional wringer of life. Which is why this series by Whitbread Award winner … Continue reading Jackson Brodie