Quintilian Dalrymple

Created by Paul Johnston

How can you not love a PI named QUINTILIAN DALRYMPLE?

But this series by Scottish author Paul Johnston has way more going for it than just a protagonist with a peculiar monicker.

Imagine Edinburgh as an Orwellian, totalitarian independent city-state in 2020 and that’s where you’ll find this fellow. A blues-haunted P.I. (music is a big no-no in this cock-eyed future, of course, where television and private cars are also banned) on the trail of a brutal murderer, former cop Quint must face a demon from his past in the form of the Ear, Nose and Throat Man, a vicious serial killer. Has he returned to wreak more havok?

The series has progressed since then, gathering plenty of acclaim along the way for the author’s all-too-believable (dystopian ) world-building and deft characterization, with 2019’s Impolitic Corpses taking place in 2038. So, I guess we can breathe a sigh of release that the future Johnston predicted in 1999 hasn’t quite come to pass…

Although some people seem to be working really hard on it.

The author also writes a series about Greek private eye Alex Mavros.


  • “Johnston’s nightmarish Edinburgh is so densely imagined that it’ll linger in the memory long after the plot is forgotten.”
    — Kirkus Reviews



Respectfully submitted by Keith Logan.

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