Alex Mavros

Created by Paul Johnston

Half-Greek, half-Scots ALEX MAVROS is a private eye who hails from Athens, in this well-regarded but hard-to-track-down (at least on this side of the pond) series by Paul Johnston.

Local colour? You’re soaking in it.

Mavros specializes in locating the missing, although many of his cases seems to have international connections, be it  working for an American film crew (The Silver Stain) or tracking down a missing teenage girl during the madness of the 2004 Olympic Games (The Green Lady).

Scottish crime writer Paul Johnston studied Greek at Fettes College and went on to study ancient and modern Greek at the University of Oxford. He currently spends most of his time in Greece where he moved to in 1987. He is, of course, best known as the creator of Scottish Orwellian private eye Quintilian Dalrymple.


  • “Thrilling, accomplished…”
    — Ian Rankin, Scotland on Sunday
  • “An acclaimed crime series… Johnston brings an intelligent perspective to the dark excitement of the thriller.”
    — Nicholas Blincoe, Observer
  • “A sensual portrait of modern Greece, as well as a great page-turner: taste the salt, feel the heat as you follow the dramatic story…offers much more than the crime fiction genre usually encompasses: a rich and intelligent story, with fascinating characters.”
    — Scotland on Sunday on The Last Red Death


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