Alex Mavros

Created by Paul Johnston Half-Greek, half-Scots ALEX MAVROS is a private eye who hails from Athens, in this well-regarded but hard-to-track-down (at least on this side of the pond) series by Paul Johnston. Local colour? You're soaking in it. Mavros specializes in locating the missing, although many of his cases seems to have international connections, … Continue reading Alex Mavros

Quintilian Dalrymple

Created by Paul Johnston How can you not love a PI named QUINTILIAN DALRYMPLE? But this series by Scottish author Paul Johnston has way more going for it than just a protagonist with a peculiar monicker. Imagine Edinburgh as an Orwellian, totalitarian independent city-state in 2020 and that's where you'll find this fellow. A blues-haunted … Continue reading Quintilian Dalrymple