Oscar “Duke” Ramsey (The Duke)

Created by Stephen J. Cannell The Duke was yet another Stephen J. Cannell-produced P.I. show that flopped. In the pilot, Up Against the Odds (April 5, 1979), we meet 38-year old Chicago prizefighter OSCAR "DUKE" RAMSEY (played by Robert "The Wild, Wild West, Hawaiian Eye" Conrad), who decides--with some help from his long-time manager Benny--that … Continue reading Oscar “Duke” Ramsey (The Duke)

Joe Grundy

Created by Marc Strange So there I am, feeling homesick. And then Marc Strange's Sucker Punch (2007) arrived at my door. As the editor of this site, and a sometime-reviewer, my mailbox is often full of treasures, and nothing delights this Canadien errant more than a package from home, and this one was from Toronto's … Continue reading Joe Grundy

Steve Silk

Created by James Brendan O'Sullivan (1919--) STEVE SILK is a former prizefighter turned un-licensed P.I., working out of what appears to be New York City, in a string of novels that ran for almost two decades, starting in 1945 with Death Came Late. Quick with a wisecrack and quicker with his fists, he dresses well … Continue reading Steve Silk

Kip Morgan

Created by Louis L'Amour Pseudonym of Louis Dearborn LaMoore (1908-1988) KIP (his mom was a fan of Rudyard Kipling) MORGAN is a former prizefighter (light heavyweight) trying to make a go of it as a private detective in 1940's Los Angeles. He appeared in several short stories in the pulps of the era, written by … Continue reading Kip Morgan

Doc Egg

Created by Day Keene Pseudonym of Gunnar Hjerstedt Other pseudonyms include¬†Lewis Dixon, William Richards, Daniel White, John Corbett & Donald King (1904-1969) Are you frickin' kidding me? I've occasionally stretched the boundaries of the definition of what a private eye is to the breaking point on this site, but this? A "bright-eyed, bald little man … Continue reading Doc Egg

Miles Jacoby

Created by Robert J. Randisi (1951 --) Manhattan-based former boxer and current private eye MILES "KID" JACOBY appears in a series of novels that begin right from his first stumbling steps as a P.I., when -- possibly still a little punch drunk -- he obtains his license in Eye in the Ring (1982). Numerous cameos … Continue reading Miles Jacoby