Morgana Musgrove

Created by George Dawes Green “There are too many live oaks dripping with too much Spanish moss..." Come for the Spanish moss, stay for the book? The quote that kicks off this page comes from young Black bartender, Jaq, who’s trying to video a crime scene for her MFA application project. She’s just one of … Continue reading Morgana Musgrove

Professor Stanley Hopkins

Created by Paul J. Heald There's something about PROFESSOR STANLEY HOPKINS that harkens back to the glory days of the detective pulps of the thirties and forties, and all the gimmicky accidental sleuths that swarmed their pages. That's right--the so-called "Sociologist of Sleaze" is not a private eye. He's not even much of a sociology … Continue reading Professor Stanley Hopkins

Addison Holmes

Created by Liliana Hart "His muscles had muscles, and I was pretty sure it wasn't his gun pressing into my belly." -- Whiskey Sour A little bit of Shell Scott, a whole lotta Stephanie Plum... ADDISON HOLMES is so very, very bored with teaching history in nowheresville Whiskey Bayou, Georgia, until she lands a job at … Continue reading Addison Holmes

Dane Kirby

Created by Brian Panowich "There wasn't a trail or a pig path in North Georgia he couldn't navigate with his eyes closed." -- Kirby knows his way around (Hard Cash Valley) In the third book in the Bull Mountain series, a multi-volume saga that follows the rough-edged Burroughs clan of the hill country of north … Continue reading Dane Kirby

Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Created by Ralph Dennis (1931--88) "...the most beloved obscure private eye writer who ever lived..." -- Ed Gorman JIM HARDMAN's not such a hard man, after all. At least not physically. He's actually a little overweight and out of shape, smoking too many Pall Malls and definitely drinking a little too much. Still, he's tough … Continue reading Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Ace Chaney

Created by Christian Garrison Imagine the Continental Op as a good ol' boy. ACE CHANEY is "Dixie's #1 sleuth," according to the blurb; a former Atlanta cop who goes to work for one of the smaller branches of the Pinkerton-like Paragon Detective Agency. Lending a hand in both novels is black police detective Jake Spicer. … Continue reading Ace Chaney