Happy Doll

Created by Jonathan Ames There’s nobody in the world Jonathan Ames likes writing about more than… Jonathan Ames?  "Jonathan Ames” has been his favourite subject in numerous semi-autobiographical articles and essays, collected in such books as What’s Not to Love?: The Adventures of a Mildly Perverted Young Writer and The Double Life is Twice as Good. "Jonathan … Continue reading Happy Doll

Doan & Carstairs

Created by Norbert Davis (1909-49) "He was short and a little on the plump side, and he had a chubby, pink face and a smile as innocent and appealing as a baby's. He looked like a very nice, pleasant sort of person, and on rare occasions he was." -- we meet Doan in The Mouse … Continue reading Doan & Carstairs

Chet and Bernie Little

Created by Spencer Quinn Pseudonym of Peter Abrahams A clever update on Norbert Davis' Doan and Carstairs dog-and-dick team, Spencer Quinn's CHET AND BERNIE series goes the old pulpster one better: the stories are actually narrated by the pooch. And the ever-upbeat, irrepressible Chet has quite the voice, pragmatic and non-judgemental, but in its own … Continue reading Chet and Bernie Little

Corey Douglas, Laurie Carpenter, Marcus Clark & Simon Garfunkel (The K Team)

Created by David Rosenfelt Talk about going to the dogs... Writer David Rosenfelt's pooch-loving lawyer-sleuth Andy Carpenter has seen his own bestselling series pretty much taken over by Tara, his beloved Golden Retriever, and a revolving cast of assorted affable canines. And now he's gone and spun-off a whole new series, which has recently retired Paterson, New Jersey … Continue reading Corey Douglas, Laurie Carpenter, Marcus Clark & Simon Garfunkel (The K Team)

Eli Paxton

Created by Mike Resnick (1942-2020) "Marlowe's my dog. I don't like him much, and he's not real fond of me..." -- Eli in The Trojan Colt Noted sci-fi writer (and closet mystery fan) Resnick cried havoc and let slip a shaggy dog of a tale in 2001's Dog in the Manger. Down-but-not-quite-out fiftyish private eye … Continue reading Eli Paxton

Going to the Dogs

The Great Mutts of Detective Fiction Fortunately, the genre has, for the most part, escaped the infiltration of felines that has infected other mystery genres. Canine appearances have been relatively scarce (so far), save for a few notable exceptions. Here, then, are some of the more significant or otherwise interesting canines of P.I. fiction, as … Continue reading Going to the Dogs

Rachel Alexander

Created by Carol Lea Benjamin Private snooper RACHEL ALEXANDER is hopefully also a public scooper as she teams up with her precious pitbull pooch Dash (short for Dashiell, of course) to solve mysteries in the Big Apple. Lots of digressions about dogs, unfair portrayal of pit bulls in the media, blah, blah, blah....whaddya expect from … Continue reading Rachel Alexander

Andy Carpenter

Created by David Rosenfelt Baby I'm a rich man... ANDY CARPENTER is just another hard-working criminal lawyer with a gift for gab, living in the Paterson, New Jersey burbs. Then his dad, Nelson Carpenter, an allegedly straight-arrow former DA, ups and dies, leaving Andy $22 million dollars richer. Well, what more can a poor boy … Continue reading Andy Carpenter