Dan Fortune

Created by Michael Collins Pseudonym of Dennis Lynds "We are a species that preys on itself. We live on our own kind, hunt each other. That's what I wanted to tell the girl who faced me across the desk in the office part of my one-room loft, but I didn't. I told her what the … Continue reading Dan Fortune

Harry Fannin

Created by David Markson (1927-2010) HARRY FANNIN is a walking scar. He has some shrapnel in his left shoulder, an old knife wound in his right shoulder, his nose has been broken twice (that he can remember), and he has an assortment of .32 and .38 caliber bullet holes in other parts of his anatomy. … Continue reading Harry Fannin

Johnny Staccato (Staccato)

Created by Dick Berg "A smooth man on the ivories, hot on the trigger and cool in a jam -- he's the toughest private eye to hit America in a decade." -- from the paperback blurb JOHNNY STACCATO (played by John Cassavetes) was a pianist who sometimes played at Waldo's, a Greenwich Village jazz hangout in … Continue reading Johnny Staccato (Staccato)

Vera Kelly

Created by Rosalie Knecht Her debut in 2018's genre-and-gender flipping Who is Vera Kelly?, a wonky mish-mash that hits the sweet spot somewhere between The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and Bridget Jones' Diary, knocked a lot of critics and readers back on their heels. The titular heroine was, of course, VERA KELLY, a sassy young … Continue reading Vera Kelly

Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)

Created by Irwin Hasen & Stockridge Winslow LESLIE "THE FERRET" LENROW is an early private eye character from Marvel Comics way back in 1940, in an issue of Marvel Mystery Comics. According to the comics, he's a "well-known author and private investigator" who lives in Greenwich Village. Unlike most of the other heroes (The Human Torch, Electro, The … Continue reading Leslie Lenrow (aka “The Ferret”)