Gabriela Rose

Created by Janet Evanovch Please! New York City’s GABRIELA ROSE is not a private eye. She’s a "recovery agent.” Like Travis McGee isn’t a private eye—he’s a “salvage consultant." Right. Officially, Gabriela’s job is to “recover” treasures, knickknacks, heirlooms, assets, documents and other assorted items that have taken a powder. All for a fee, of … Continue reading Gabriela Rose

Addison Holmes

Created by Liliana Hart "His muscles had muscles, and I was pretty sure it wasn't his gun pressing into my belly." -- Whiskey Sour A little bit of Shell Scott, a whole lotta Stephanie Plum... ADDISON HOLMES is so very, very bored with teaching history in nowheresville Whiskey Bayou, Georgia, until she lands a job at … Continue reading Addison Holmes

Kate Appleton

Created by Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly Fans waiting impatiently to snatch up the latest Plum the moment it rolls out of EvanovichLand could take the edge off their screwball romantic crime jones with Love in a Nutshell, Evanovich's 2012 attempt at creating a new heroine (with an able assist from Dorien Kelly): KATE APPLETON, … Continue reading Kate Appleton

Stephanie Plum

Created by Janet Evanovich "That shooting gave me an appetite, somebody pass me the potatoes." -- Grandma Mazur in One for the Money Working-class Jersey girl and former lingerie buyer STEPHANIE PLUM is a bond bailsma-er-bailsperson, working out of the blue collar "burg" in Trenton, New Jersey, where "houses and minds are proud to be … Continue reading Stephanie Plum