Billie Levine

Created by Kimberly G. Giarratano Nothin' else matters in this whole wide world, when you're in love with a Jersey girl... Okay, okay, I’m not pledging my troth or anything like that to Billie Levine, the 24-year-old walking mess of a rookie P.I. that’s the star of YA author Kimberly Giarratano's impressive adult debut, Death of a … Continue reading Billie Levine

Joe Posner

Created by Jeremy Pikser New Jersey private detective JOE POSNER made his debut in the 1984 novel Junk on the Hill, first released in the United Kingdom by Pluto Crime. It was published in America the next by Carroll & Graf, and subsequently published in Germany and Australia. While competent and dedicated, Posner is not … Continue reading Joe Posner

Even a Shamus Could Be a Shamus

Some Nice Jewish Eyes Moses Wine by Roger Simon Dave Brodsky by Jay Tarses Benny Cooperman by Howard Engel Stuart Kovacs by Sarah Weinman “Silky" Pincus by Leo Rosten Joe Posner by Jeremy Pikser Moe Prager by Reed Farrel Coleman Lenny Schneider by Ed Goldberg Kaiser Lupowitz by Woody Allen Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton … Continue reading Even a Shamus Could Be a Shamus

Moses Wine

Created by Roger L. Simon (1943--) Back in 1973, when Roger Simon first introduced MOSES WINE in The Big Fix, just the fact that his laidback, long-haired Los Angeles-based private eye was Jewish and smoked pot was more than enough to shake up the genre. Now, he'd probably have to be a black, physically-challenged Rastafarian … Continue reading Moses Wine

“Silky” Pincus

Created by Leo Rosten Pseudonyms include Leonard Q. Ross (1908-97) Ever wondered when someone would create a nice Jewish P.I.? Well, look no further, bubeleh. SID "SILKY" PINCUS is a genuinely nice guy, an ex-cop and Vietnam vet who runs a Manhattan detective agency called Watson and Holmes, Incorporated (Chutzpah, anyone?), with his partner, Michael … Continue reading “Silky” Pincus

Jack Levine

Created by Andrew Bergman(1945--) "Private dicks aren't known for being great abstract thinkers, Miss Lane, but we can get around town without a map."-- Jack tries to reassure a client in The Big Kiss-Off of 1944    One of the first, and still one of the very best retro eyes, predating both Nate Heller and Toby … Continue reading Jack Levine

Sam Klein

Created by Allan Levine "Tolerance and equality were only words social gospellers ... spoke about. Such acceptance, Klein and every other Jew in Winnipeg knew, was often cheap talk. Neighbourhoods, clubs and summer resorts were all restricted. And yet, in the chaos and turmoil of the strike, something had changed." --The Bolshevik's Revenge The Jets, … Continue reading Sam Klein

“The Dybbuk Made Me Do It”

By Sarah Weinman Featuring Stuart Kovacs Fall 2006 Stuart Kovacs stumbled out of the movie theater, wondering how the hell he'd ever get back the two hours he'd just lost. He had a splitting headache and a long drive home. And he knew exactly who to blame. “I can't believe you made me watch that … Continue reading “The Dybbuk Made Me Do It”

Stuart Kovacs

Created by Sarah Weinman Once upon a time, in 2005, the Divine Ms. Sarah Weinman, the Crime Fiction Sweetheart of the Internet and the Queen of the Blogs (cf: Confessions of an Idosyncratic Mind), made her long-awaited Thrilling Detective Web Site fiction debut with "Out of Clay," a sly piece of whimsy which introduced STUART … Continue reading Stuart Kovacs

“Out of Clay”

By Sarah Weinman Featuring Stuart Kovacs January 2006 Laura plopped the case file on his desk. "I think you'll really like this one, Stuart." "What makes you say that?" She smirked. "Trust me, you'll see." Stuart Kovacs opened the file and started to read, but only got three sentences in before the all-too-familiar feeling took … Continue reading “Out of Clay”