Stone Barrington

Created by Stuart Woods (1938-2022) Outspoken STONE BARRINGTON is the son of two rebellious parents who were disinherited by their own parents -- both wealthy western Massachusetts families in the textile business -- the father, because he was sympathetic to communist views and wanted to work with his hands; the mother, because she married his … Continue reading Stone Barrington

Cal Claxton

Created by Warren C. Easley CAL CLAXTON is a former LA prosecutor and widower who now runs a small law office in Portland's "Old City" which he's dubbed Café Central. But all in all he'd rather be fishing for rainbow. Or drinking wine. Or just chilling in the old farmhouse he owns high up in … Continue reading Cal Claxton

Andy Carpenter

Created by David Rosenfelt Baby I'm a rich man... ANDY CARPENTER is just another hard-working criminal lawyer with a gift for gab, living in the Paterson, New Jersey burbs. Then his dad, Nelson Carpenter, an allegedly straight-arrow former DA, ups and dies, leaving Andy $22 million dollars richer. Well, what more can a poor boy … Continue reading Andy Carpenter

David Danning

Created by Don Von Elsner (1909-1997) Officially, DAVID DANNING is a lawyer. A very successful lawyer. He runs the prestigious Los Angeles law firm of Danning and Danning with his son, Bob (whom he calls "Duke" and is also a lawyer), and employs a slew of associates, assistants, investigators, paralegals and the like, including his ever-faithful secretary … Continue reading David Danning

John J. Malone

Created by Craig Rice Pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig (1908-1957) "Never look a Greek in the mouth when he comes bearing a gift horse" Malone said cheerfully. He paused in the act of opening the bottle. "I mean beware of the Greek when he comes bearing a horse in his mouth." -- Malone dispense … Continue reading John J. Malone

Craig Rice

Pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig; other pseudsonyms include Daphne Sanders, George Sanders, Gypsy Rose Lee, Michael Venning (1908-1957) Life Can Be Horrible. That's the name of a screwball short story CRAIG RICE once wrote. It might as well have been her epitath. In its January 28, 1946 issue, Time Magazine selected writer Craig Rice … Continue reading Craig Rice

Harry Devlin

Created by Martin Edwards "Murder fascinates everyone," HARRY DEVLIN reflects in Yesterday's Papers (1994), "because of the hints it gives of the darkest recesses of the human soul." Harry is a lawyer, one of two partners in a scruffy firm of solicitors based in Liverpool, but he is a man whose passion for justice is matched … Continue reading Harry Devlin