Dr. Robert Frederickson (Mongo the Magnificent)

Created by George C. Chesbro (1940-2008) "I was born with a low profile." -- Mongo in Shadow of a Broken Man Definitely the shortest eye this side of Inch High, DR. ROBERT "MONGO" FREDERICKSON is probably the world's only dwarf ex-circus star turned college professor turned New York private eye. But he's much more than … Continue reading Dr. Robert Frederickson (Mongo the Magnificent)

Ron Shade

Created by Michael A. Black This P.I. can definitely kick your ass. That's because RON SHADE is not just a tough Army vet turned tough-guy Chicago P.I.--he's a tough Army vet turned tough-guy Chicago P.I. really into competitive kickboxing. So don't get him pissed, okay? In his debut, A Killing Frost (2002), he's hired to find an … Continue reading Ron Shade

Gloria Morris

Created by G.R. Browda "Gloria doesn't care from legal." -- Bannon tries to explain Gloria Look out! GLORIA MORRIS is a smart, literate San Francisco private eye; an easy-on-the-eyes B-girl with a good rep and an "explosive sense of honor," with a fondness for Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain and "frisky ladies." I'm not quite … Continue reading Gloria Morris

Ava Lee

Created by Ian Hamilton "I chase bad debts for a living. You can't be cynical enough." -- Ava responds to accusations that she's too cynical for "someone so young" in The Disciple of Las Vegas The spin is that if Jack Reacher and Lisbeth Salander had a daughter, she might well turn out like Toronto-based AVA … Continue reading Ava Lee