My Scrapbook: Magazine Ad for The Windup.

My Scrapbook Magazine ad for The Windup The Windup was a syndicated radio show featuring Michael Avallone's Ed Noon that allegedly aired in 1957, and only ran for thirteen episodes. Each show was presented as a mini-mystery ("If you followed the clues carefully, you would be in on - the windup!"). The show, however, seems … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Magazine Ad for The Windup.

Michael Avallone

Pseudonyms include Mike Avallone, Mile Avalione, Mike Avalone, Mark Dane, Steve Michaels, Edwina Noone, Priscilla Dalton, John Patrick, Jeanne-Anne dePre, Dorothea Nile, Sidney Stuart, Nick Carter, Troy Conway, Dora Highland, Stuart Jason, Vance Stanton, Max Walker, Lee Davis Willoughby (1925-1999) "The fastest typewriter in the East." "He could sure tell a story. He couldn't write, … Continue reading Michael Avallone

Ed Noon

Created by Michael Avallone (1925-1999)   "Great life. Guns, girls and trouble. All kinds of trouble. From getting hit on the head to being kidnapped in broad daylight." -- it's a private eye's life for Ed. (The LIving Bomb) Welcome to the Nooniverse! Chameleon-like ED NOON, film-obsessed New York P. I., started out as a … Continue reading Ed Noon