My Scrapbook: Magazine Ad for The Windup.

My Scrapbook

Magazine ad for The Windup

The Windup was a syndicated radio show featuring Michael Avallone’s Ed Noon that allegedly aired in 1957, and only ran for thirteen episodes. Each show was presented as a mini-mystery (“If you followed the clues carefully, you would be in on – the windup!“). The show, however, seems to have slipped through the cracks, and no recordings of it — or even episode logs — have ever shown up. Even Avallone’s son, David, doubted its existence for years. But there have been a few mentions of it over the years, in old reference books and online, suggesting the show did, in fact, exist, and in 2011 the above ad, which originally appeared as on the inside front cover of the Spring 1957 issue of Space Science Fiction, showed up on the SFFAudio web site.

Whether the show ever eventually aired or not, it is known that Avallone later adapted the scripts for his 1978 kid’s book, Ed Noon’s 5-Minute Mysteries.

Respectully presented by Kevin Burton Smith.

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