Will Novak

Created by Linda Ladd If retired SEAL and former NYPD cop WILL NOVAK had his druthers, he'd probably be kicking back and enjoying a cold beer or two in his crumbling mansion outside New Orleans deep in the Bayou Bonne or his fancy downtown New Orleans apartment on Bourbon Street, or out on the ocean in … Continue reading Will Novak

Chanse MacLeod

Created by Greg Herren Big Easy private eye CHANSE MacLEOD is suitably cynical, predictably tough and prone to wisecracks. He knows his way around town and, in a nice change of pace, is gay. When we first meet him, in 2002's Murder in the Rue Dauphine, he has a little money in the bank, so … Continue reading Chanse MacLeod

Scotty Bradley

Created by Greg Herren Former go-go dancer and personal trainer SCOTTY BRADLEY (please don't call him Milton) is quite the boy around town, juggling assorted lovers (ex-FBI hunk Frank Sobieski and the enigmatic Colin Cioni), a recreational drug habit (Ecstasy, mostly), a family of wingnuts (including hippie parents and an over-achieving elder brother), hit-and-miss psychic … Continue reading Scotty Bradley

Lew Griffin

Created by James Sallis (1944--) "There was a half-filled glass of bourbon and an almost empty bottle on the desk. A fly floated in what was left in the glass. I thought about it, fished the fly out with a letter opener, drank, poured in the rest of the bottle." -- Lew meets the titular … Continue reading Lew Griffin

Mike Longstreet

Developed for television by Stirling Silliphant From a character created by Baynard Kendricks The seventies were truly the Golden Age of the TV Dick, when the airwaves were saturated with private eyes and cops of all sizes and shapes. There were so many of them that the nightly barrage of murder and mayhem began to … Continue reading Mike Longstreet

Lucien Caye

Created by O'Neil De Noux LUCIEN CAYE is a WWII vet (he's got a Purple Heart medal and a Silver Star for bravery to prove it) and a former New Orleans Police Officer in this solid private eye series set in post-World War II Louisiana, and he's one Big Easy eye who doesn't mind getting … Continue reading Lucien Caye

Pat Gallegher

Created by Richard Helms A promising new private eye was quietly unleashed in Joker Poker (2000) in the guise of PAT GALLEGHER, a guy whose past seems to beg more than a few questions. Pat's a charming, but troubled-plagued jack-of-all trades -- a big bruiser who plays jazz cornet at nights at Holliday's, a local dive, in the heart … Continue reading Pat Gallegher