Si Reardon

Created by Sidney Williams

Private eye or assassin? In SI REARDON‘s debut appearance, 2020’s Fool’s Run, it’s kinda hard to tell.

Si’s not exactly doing well–he’s divorced, his ex has custody of their daughter, and career opportunities are the ones that never knocks for a disgraced ex-cop just out of prison (for shooting his partner).

And then a desperate couple in their mid-forties, Grace and Adam Holt, ask him to take care of a situation. It seems a man has took their two young daughters a few years ago, furious over a business deal gone wrong, and never gave them back. The man is Valentine Alexeeva, a ruthless but apparently Teflon-coated Ukrainian crime boss working his way up the local food chain.

After a little hemming and hawing, the anguished parents get to the point.

“We want you to kill the devil, Mr. Reardon.”

It’s a line the street savvy sleuth doesn’t want to cross. But he has a daughter, Juliana, of his own, whom he’s trying to get custody of, and he needs the dough to pay his legal bills (and his bourbon habit). So he reluctantly agrees to get involved, assembling a team that includes Crystal, a sex worker with mad improvisation skills, and a pair of bayou-dwelling brothers with more than a few screws loose, in what looks like a promising series launch.


Creative writing teacher Sidney’s dark and often twisted stories of horror, mystery and suspense have appeared in such publications as Cemetery Dance, Hot Blood: Deadly After Dark, Under the Fang, Quoth the Raven and Love Among the Thorns. A native of Louisiana, he now resides in Virginia.


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