Walter Tatum & Gwen Cross(Moon Over Miami)

Created by Harley Peyton Oh, those crazy love-struck kids! In the pilot episode from Moon Over Miami, a short-lived romantic comedy from the 1993 fall television schedule, Miami law student-turned-private eye WALTER TATUM is hired to track down runaway bride and poor little rich girl GWEN CROSS. And so it begins. Alternately loved or loathed, … Continue reading Walter Tatum & Gwen Cross(Moon Over Miami)

Alex Vega & Max Caplan

Created by Louisa Luna "There was always a worse thing that you couldn't see, and it was closer than you thought."-- a maxim of Alex's old boss in fugitive recovery Wary, thirty-something loner ALEX VEGA has taken her old boss's maxim to heart--she's definitely a gal who sees things as half-empty, and all the yoga in the … Continue reading Alex Vega & Max Caplan

Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin

Created by Rex Stout (1886-1975) "Compose yourself, Archie. Why taunt me? Why upbraid me? I am merely a genius, not a god." --Nero Wolfe humbly confesses, in Fer-de-Lance "Go to hell, I'm reading." -- Archie has other things on his mind. Also in Fer-de-Lance At first glance, Rex Stout's NERO WOLFE might seem out of … Continue reading Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin

James P. Hillton, Sophia Blossom & Madeleine V. LaCroix

Created by Andrew McAleer "James P. Hilton could have gotten fat on Wall Street with his old man, but like most rebellious Harvard boys, he became a private investigator instead. This is his story."-- the opening of Double Endorsement Lock the doors, here comes trouble. Slacker private eye JAMES P. HILLTON , his partner SOPHIA BLOSSOM, … Continue reading James P. Hillton, Sophia Blossom & Madeleine V. LaCroix

John Wallis & David Roche (Bug & Roach)

Created by Wilson Toney JOHN "BUG" WALLIS and DAVID ROCHE (everyone seems to insist on pronouncing it "roach") are a pair of seen-it-all investigators for the National Detective Agency, a long-established firm, headquartered in some unnamed city in the Midwest, looking into everything from late night car accidents to high-level corporate malarkey, published by Stark … Continue reading John Wallis & David Roche (Bug & Roach)

Jimmy Dale & Everett G. Northrup (Shadow of Suspicion)

Created by Harold Goldman New York private eye and would-be ladies' man JIMMY DALE (Peter Cookson) and his wisecracking partner EVERETT G. NORTHRUP are sent, undercover, to the recently robbed Chicago branch of Cartell & Co. jewelers to protect the legendary Stonehaven Diamond Necklace in the 1944 fast-paced romantic comedy thriller Shadow of Suspicion, from Monogram. … Continue reading Jimmy Dale & Everett G. Northrup (Shadow of Suspicion)

Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Created by Will Thomas At the close of the nineteenth century, CYRUS BARKER ("undoubtedly England's premiere private enquiry agent") and his assistant THOMAS LLEWELYN ply their trade on the fog-shrouded (and pointedly multicultural) Victorian streets of London, in an atmospheric historical series of mysteries by Will Thomas. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes, perhaps, but Sherlock-adjacent, and the … Continue reading Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Otis Beagle & Joe Peel

Created by Charles K. Boston Pseudonym of Frank Gruber (1904-1969) The slick and ethically elastic team of Los Angeles private investigators OTIS BEAGLE and JOE PEEL was the product of the multi-talented pulpster Frank Gruber. Otis is the front man, 6'3" and 210 lbs., all "flashy and phony," a "quite criminal investigator" as one blurb … Continue reading Otis Beagle & Joe Peel

Lillian Pentecost & Will Parker

Created by Stephen Spotswood All the hype I've seen (and golly there's been a bunch!) surrounding playwright Spotwood’s terrific new mystery romp,  Fortune Favors The Dead (2020), seems to namedrop Knives Out and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but c’mon, man! If you can’t spot the clear ties to Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, you better have your orbs … Continue reading Lillian Pentecost & Will Parker

Ishmael & David Odihambo

Created by Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ (1971--) “If you want the truth you must go to its source. The truth is in the past. Come to Nairobi.” -- the anonymous tip that sets things off in Nairobi Heat When we first meet ISHMAEL in Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ's 2011 bloody but eye-opening novel, Nairobi Heat, he's a police detective from Madison, Wisconsin, … Continue reading Ishmael & David Odihambo