Jake Barrow

Created by Nick Quarry Pseudonym of Marvin H. Albert Other pseudonyms include Mike Barone, J.D. Christilain, Al Conroy, Albert Conroy, Ian MacAlister, Anthony Rome 1924-96 A tough, no-nonsense private eye from New york City, JAKE BARROW slugged his way through six solid Gold Medal paperback originals in the late fifties/early sixties. The series kicks off with … Continue reading Jake Barrow


Created by Max Allan Collins (1948--) The first series I know of to be based on the exploits of a hired killer, predating both Loren Estleman's Peter Macklin and Lawrence Block's Keller, was the QUARRY series penned by baby boomer renaissance man Max Allan Collins, creator of Nate Heller, Ms. Tree, Mallory, Nolan, et al. … Continue reading Quarry

Jim Anthony

Created by John Grange House pseudonym, includes Victor Rousseau, Robert Leslie Bellem, W.T. Ballard & possibly others "As a manhunter Jim Anthony had no equals; his fame as an amateur scientific criminologist was world-wide. Detection was his hobby, his avocation; countless were the mysteries he had solved, the murderers he had brought to justice after the police … Continue reading Jim Anthony

Terry Clane

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner San Francisco's TERRY CLANE is yet another of Erle Stanley Gardner's pulp characters, a two-fisted lawyer and adventurer with plenty of friends and connections in that city's Chinatown. But unlike most of Gardner's more pulpy characters -- and Terry's plenty pulpy -- he didn't appear in the pulps at all, … Continue reading Terry Clane

Ken Corning

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) Erle Stanley Gardner, the creator of Perry Mason, was one of the leading writers for Black Mask, the legendary hard-boiled crime fiction magazine. Although Mason never actually made it into its pages, in the early 1930s the pulp published a string of six short stories starring a slick, crusading … Continue reading Ken Corning

Lester Leith

Created By Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) "Do you know, Scuttle, an impartial observer hearing Sergeant Ackley's theories might come to the conclusion I was guilty of some crime or another..." He's not really a private eye, in that he doesn't really take on paying customers, but he certainly gets paid (and paid well) for his, … Continue reading Lester Leith

J.C.K. “Jigger” Masters

Created by Anthony M. Rud Pseudonyms include Anson Piper (1893-1942) "Now what in the name of the seven sacred sea lions!" -- Jigger's favourite exclamation J.C.K. "JIGGER" MASTERS earned his nickname at the ripe old age of eleven when, while working as a  caddy at a Long Island golf course, he stumbled across a corpse … Continue reading J.C.K. “Jigger” Masters

Ed Noon

Created by Michael Avallone (1925-1999)   "Great life. Guns, girls and trouble. All kinds of trouble. From getting hit on the head to being kidnapped in broad daylight." -- it's a private eye's life for Ed. (The LIving Bomb) Welcome to the Nooniverse! Chameleon-like ED NOON, film-obsessed New York P. I., started out as a … Continue reading Ed Noon

Steve Harrison

Created by Robert E. Howard (1906-36) "One second Steve Harrison was plodding profanely but prosaically through the darkness of the alley..." Pulp writer Howard is of course best known for creating Conan the Barbarian, but over the course of his career he tried several genres, including the hard-boiled detective genre, creating a rock 'em, sock … Continue reading Steve Harrison

Larry Kent

Created by Ron Ingleby "It was an underground joint. A neon sign in read and blue and yellow flashed on and off over the stone steps. The neon sign showed kicking girls and glasses of bubbly stuff. But you were just as likely to get a Mickey Finn down there as you were to get … Continue reading Larry Kent