Tom Sipowicz (The Polish Dragon)

Created by Steve Zimcosky TOM SIPOWICZ grew up in Cleveland, attending St. Stanislaus Elementary, Albert Bushnell Hart Junior High and South High School before being drafted into the Army, where he served as an MP. After being discharged, he joined the Cleveland cops, retired after thirty years to set up his own Polish Dragon Investigations, in … Continue reading Tom Sipowicz (The Polish Dragon)

Jarek Grayson

Created by Boyd Craven III Naturally, once any apparent hole in a genre opens in the Amazon digital landscape, some instant-indie writers rush in, attracted by the scent of potentially easy money. Author Boyd Craven (the third, no less!) tries to ingratiate himself with his hacker sleuth JAREK GRAYSON, "a different sort of private investigator. One with a … Continue reading Jarek Grayson