Jarek Grayson

Created by Boyd Craven III

Naturally, once any apparent hole in a genre opens in the Amazon digital landscape, some instant-indie writers rush in, attracted by the scent of potentially easy money. Author Boyd Craven (the third, no less!) tries to ingratiate himself with his hacker sleuth JAREK GRAYSON, “a different sort of private investigator. One with a touch of OCD, anxiety, and autism. Jarek isn’t your normal hacker; he’s also a millionaire, playboy, and PI.”

You may roll your eyes now, if you want–the series only lasted two books.

But don’t worry! The author has numerous other series going full-tilt boogie at the same time, including several with a apocalyptic/survivalist bent, including the Still Surviving series, the Scorched Earth series, the World Burns series and the One’s Man Opus series. I’m guessing he averages at least 6-8 novels a year.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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