Mulligan and Garrity (The Gorilla)

Created by Ralph Spence (1890-1940) "Out go the lights---on go the thrills! Shrieks! Yells! Roars! Screams! More Shrieks! MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, WHERE THE HELL IS MULLIGAN?" -- lyrics from the musical Ralph Spence's 1925 play The Gorilla: A Musical Comedy, was a slight piece of silliness that intentionally lampooned the whole haunted house genre, so popular … Continue reading Mulligan and Garrity (The Gorilla)

Grace Burton & Stephen Pryde

Created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (1866 – 1946) GRACE BURTON is a young private detective, struggling to make it on her own, in London. Her neighbour in the apartment block, STEPHEN PRYDE, is recently unemployed and not quite sure where his next meal is coming from, and she's had her eye on him. When he's approached in … Continue reading Grace Burton & Stephen Pryde

Katchem Kate

Created by Dell Henderson Silent film star Mabel Normand starred as KATCHEM KATE in the eponymously titled comedy short Katchem Kate (1912), directed by Mack Sennett. As private eye stuff goes, don't get too excited -- it's essentially a typical silent era piece of fluff. The meagre plot -- some amiable silliness about laundry girl Kate quitting shucking her dead … Continue reading Katchem Kate