Deuce Ramsey

Created┬áby Jamie Mandelkau There wasn't much love for the off-beat The Leo Wyoming Caper when it was released in 1977, and it hasn't much improved with age. Dallas, Texas gumshoe DEUCE RAMSEY is hired to track down eccentric (ie: batshit crazy) millionaire and merry prankster Leo Wyoming, an aging hippie who's planning a local "art … Continue reading Deuce Ramsey

My Scrapbook: Sore Eyes

My Scrapbook When Cover Art Goes Bad (Actual Covers for Actual Books)   As a graphic designer, I'm sure I've inflicted my share of ghastly art upon the world (there's a particular rush-job Asian Film Festival Guide I hope never sees the light of day again), but these ill-conceived covers for private eye novels, for … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Sore Eyes

Ellis Mason

Created by Johnnie Mitchell It's Chicago, 1988, and low-key black P.I. ELLIS MASON's one-man agency is hired by an ex-con to check up on his girlfriend, who soon enough assumes permanent room temperature. Suddenly Ellis finds himself caught up in the case, trying to defend his client against a backdrop of murder, lies, deceit, politics … Continue reading Ellis Mason

My Scrapbook: Raymond Chandler Bitches About His Book Cover

My Scrapbook Raymond Chandler complains about his book's cover... For the homepage of my November 2011 issue, I "borrowed" a cover from a reprint edition of one of my all-time favourite books by one of my absolutely all-time favourite writers: Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. It's not my favourite cover for this much-reprinted title … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Raymond Chandler Bitches About His Book Cover