Ellis Mason

Created by Johnnie Mitchell

It’s Chicago, 1988, and low-key black P.I. ELLIS MASON‘s one-man agency is hired by an ex-con to check up on his girlfriend, who soon enough assumes permanent room temperature. Suddenly Ellis finds himself caught up in the case, trying to defend his client against a backdrop of murder, lies, deceit, politics (oops! I already said that), dangerous women in 88 Ways to Die (2002), the first in what author Johnnie Mitchell, a “produced screenwriter,” promises will be a new series.

No word yet on whether Ellis will once again team up with Brad Joyce, the son of the owner of a big shot detective agency who numbers some very powerful people among its clients.

Or whether the next one will have a better cover. 88 Ways to Die has to have one of the crassest, cheesiest, cash-in-on-9/11 covers I’ve ever seen.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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