“My Client’s Wife”

By Michael Bracken Featuring "Moe Ron" Boyette Spring 2007 I watched my client's wife through the open French doors leading from their bedroom to the back patio, surprised at my reaction to her half-clothed figure, and I knew that it would be another long, hard night. "Anything?" my client asked the following morning. I shook my … Continue reading “My Client’s Wife”

Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Created by Jim Sanderson It's the 1980s, and there's boom money to be made--one way or another--in the hard-scrabble West Texas oil patches out near Odessa, but COLTON PARKER isn't exactly setting the world on fire. He's a chump-change criminal, trying to stay out of trouble, working as a bouncer for a local gambler, and … Continue reading Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Jack Brady

Created by Robert W. Tinsley "I sat in the oldest cemetery in El Paso, dressed in my Sneaky-Suit, black sneakers, socks, pants, gloves, sweater, and watch cap with every exposed square inch of skin covered in black make up. I was ready for a minstrel show or a commando raid, whichever came along first." -- … Continue reading Jack Brady

Jerri Johnson

Created by Jim Sanderson JERRI JOHNSON scratches out a living as a San Antonio bounty hunter, tracking down bail jumpers, serving subpoenas and occasionally taking a gig that might not exactly pass the smell test--much to the chagrin of her pal Joe Parr, an aging, recently widowed Texas Ranger, in Safe Delivery, a 2000 standalone … Continue reading Jerri Johnson

John Talbot

Created by Joe R. Lansdale (1951--) and Lewis Shiner (1950--) A co-creation by two young, aspiring writers, private eye JOHN TALBOT was only showed up in two short stories penned in the late seventies, and those stories didn't exactly set the world on fire. Except... the two young, aspiring writers were Joe R. Lansdale and Lewis Shiner, … Continue reading John Talbot

Ray Slater

Created by Joe R. Lansdale (1951--) The very first story popular storyteller Joe R. Lansdale ever sold was a private eye story, "The Full Count." It showed up in the June 1978 issue of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. It introduced gumshoe big RAY SLATER. According to Lansdale, "the readers liked it," and he managed to sell … Continue reading Ray Slater

Dan Sloane

Created by Lewis Shiner (1950--) DAN SLOANE was a private eye hero created way back in the late seventies by author Lewis Shiner, best known for his award-winning work in the science fiction and cyber-punk fields. A true product of his times, Dan was a disillusioned Vietnam vet, a Marine who came home after the … Continue reading Dan Sloane

Poppy Dillworth

Created by Dorothy Tell Dorothy Tell wrote about POPPY DILLWORTH, a cranky 65-year-old retiree from the Dallas Police Department who decides to become a private detective instead of committing suicide. Go figure. She made her debut in the author’s first book, a romance, Wilderness Trek (1990), which was ostensibly a story of six women on a camping … Continue reading Poppy Dillworth

Jim Bob Luke

Created by Joe R. Lansdale  More private eye action... as you like it. Shit-kicker gumshoe JIM BOB LUKE first appeared in the 1992 one-off Cold in July, a nasty little slice of vengeance and Texas justice run amock, full of crooked cops, murderous ex-cons and straight-arrow dads just trying to do the right thing, which … Continue reading Jim Bob Luke

Deuce Ramsey

Created by Jamie Mandelkau There wasn't much love for the off-beat The Leo Wyoming Caper when it was released in 1977, and it hasn't much improved with age. Dallas, Texas gumshoe DEUCE RAMSEY is hired to track down eccentric (ie: batshit crazy) millionaire and merry prankster Leo Wyoming, an aging hippie who's planning a local "art … Continue reading Deuce Ramsey