Jo Gar

Created by Ramon Decolta Pseudonym of Raoul Whitfield Other pseudonyms include Temple Field (1896-1945) "You are sure of something. That is bad -- one should never be sure." -- Jo-Gar in "West of Guam" Diminutive, with short arms, narrow shoulders, stubby fingers and greying hair that make him appear older than he is, polite and … Continue reading Jo Gar

Mike Blair

Created by Hank Searls Pseudonyms include Lee Costigan & Anthony Gray (1922-2017 ) MIKE BLAIR was a San Francisco private dick who had a short run in the later pulps. Nothing exceptional -- he was suitably hard-boiled, and despite getting knocked about on a regular basis (his creator once noted that Blair "gets beat up in … Continue reading Mike Blair

Good Ol’ Holyoke, Mass.

The Place Where the Pulps Came From In helping me assemble my list of post-pulp digests, Richard Moore openly speculated that 1 Appleton Street, Holyoke, Massachusett, listed so often as the "publisher's address" of so many crime pulps and digests, must surely have been a mail drop to dodge bill collectors -- or that Holyoke … Continue reading Good Ol’ Holyoke, Mass.

Murder in the Library: The Post-Pulp Digests, Mystery Magazines, Ezines & More

Short Fiction Beyond the Pulps         When the pulps started to die out, the markets for short story crime and mystery writers, particularly those of a hard-boiled bent, started to dry up as well. Fortunately, there were a handful of outlets left, mostly digests such as Ellery Queen, that published everything from cozies to … Continue reading Murder in the Library: The Post-Pulp Digests, Mystery Magazines, Ezines & More


Created by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) Raymond Chandler's very first P.I. character--in his very first story, "Blackmailers Don't Shoot," sold to Black Mask!--lasted only two stories. MALLORY, whose adventures were told in the third person, was a Chicago operative who came to Hollywood for one case, and stayed. The format (third person) and background (business in … Continue reading Mallory