Mick Oberon

Created by Ari Marmell

Sure, private peeper MICK OBERON‘s got the fedora.

Sure, he’s got the trenchcoat.

And sure, he’s got the snappy line of patter.

But he’s also got pointy ears, a magic wand and a bloodline that runs back through generations of fairies or faeries or Faes or whatever they’re calling them this week. Hell, he’s even of royal lineage. But he chucked all that and became a more-or-less normal shamus in 1930s Chicago.

Until a wandering changeling job calls him back into the Otherworld and all sorts of political intrigue and woo-woo, in a series that should appeal to fans of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden and Glen Cook’s Garrett.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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