Harry Kenmare

Created by A. B. Patterson

“This is going to go down better than a stripper and a sack of cash at a Cabinet meeting.”
— Harry in Harry’s World

 The one word that keeps coming up in the blurbs about Sydney, jaded Australia private eye HARRY KENMARE is “prehistoric.” And they ain’t kiddin’–Harry makes Amos Walker look woke.

And to be honest, he does seem rather dinosaur-like —  a drinking, smoking behemoth of busted dreams and uncorked rage, rumbling through a hostile and unjust world he’s no longer sure he belongs in, and giving us the play-by-play as he goes. But for those looking for something ballsy and literate, in the Chandler/Bruen vein (but with a extra of cheekiness on the side), this one might do the trick.

The author, A. B. Patterson, was born in Sydney, and grew up in England and France, before returning to Australia, where he went into law enforcement. He was a Detective Sergeant in the WA Police, working in paedophilia and vice, and later later served as Chief Investigator with the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption. He now lives in Sydney, loves to holiday in France, and makes no apologies for telling it how it is. 


  • “She had legs all the way up to heaven, but Harry’s gut instinct told him she’d take him all the way to hell.”
    — Harry’s World



  • “Little Rich Street Girl” (October 2017, Switchblade #3)
  • “White Powder, Black Leather, Grey Badges” (2018, Switchblade #4)
  • “Wankers” (2019, Switchblade #8)
  • “Blue Angel” (2019, Econoclash Review # 4)
  • “A Sex Kitten for a Cabinet Meeting” (2020, At Your Service)
  • “The Lonely Corpse” (2020, At Your Service)
  • “The Missing Lily” (2020, At Your Service)
  • “The Reluctant Bride” (2020, At Your Service)



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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