Thomas Ironcutter

Created by David Archord

Okay, the monicker’s a little overly earnest (was Dash Riprock already taken?), but apparently THOMAS IRONCUTTER is a bonafide P.I. This Nashville Cat’s a big guy, 6’3″ and over two hundred pounds; ex-Army and ex-cop turned private eye. He enjoys a good drink and a Cuban cigar now and then, and the company of an ill-tempered mutt he calls Henry.

He’s also a car nut, with various car in various states of running condition scattered around his property. When he’s not private eyin’, he’s apt to be restoring some old clunker. In fact, the books are named whatever muscle car he’s restoring in iy. So Wildcat (2016) is named for the 1967 Buick Wildcat he accepted in lieu of payment from a client, a car that it turns out he owned as a teenager, while Mustang (2017) is named for a 1973 Ford Mustang ragtop he wants to rebuild.

So everything’s relatively peachy keen. Well, except that his wife committed suicide. But he moved on, started rebuilding his life, met a new “lady.” Until the cops decided the suicide was a homicide — and he was the prime suspect. So when we first meet him, in that first book, he’s just trying to keep on keeping on, while waiting for that door from his old buddies on the force.

Affably rough around the edges, but resolutely down-to-earth, the big bruiser’s not afraid of getting his hands muddy (or bloody), and his first person narration is smart and just gritty enough to be companionable. At times he reminds me of Rob Kantner’s Ben Perkins or W. Glenn Duncan’s Rafferty. Let’s hope he writes some more.


According to his Amazon bio, the author was born and bred in Tennessee, and grauated from graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and Cumberland University. After serving in the Army, he spent twenty-five years in law enforcement, including stints with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Now retired, he writes. Besides the Ironcutter series, he’s the man behind the Zombie Rules books.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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