T.J. O’Sullivan

Created by Larry Darter

A former Detective Constable and ex-member of the Defense Force in her native New Zealand, T.J. O’SULLIVAN is a “sassy Kiwi” female eye, “tough as old boots,” who does double duty, starring in her own Honolulu-set thrillers, and appearing occasionally in the author’s other P.I. series, alongside LA gumshoe Ben Malone.

In fact, she made her debut in Cold Comfort (2017), the third novel in the Malone series, when she was operating a VIP personal protection service in Los Angeles, following the death of her American husband in Afghanistan. She and Malone cross paths, and they discover they work well together, or at least well enough that by Mare’s Nest (2018), T’J’s first official novel, she’s been sent off to Hawaii by Malone on a missing person case. Which works out well, since T.J.s has feelings for Malone, but he’s not interested.

But after wrapping up the case, she decides to relocate to Honolulu, nurse her broken heart a little, and open her own agency, realizing her attraction to Malone isn’t getting anywhere.


Best known for creating Los Angeles private detective Ben Malone, the suspiciously prolific author has also written several novels featuring Rick Bishop, who also works as a P.I in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has another series featuring LAPD homicide detective Howard Drew.

So far, T.J has appeared in five novels, and there are no doubt more on the way. Before turning to writing, Larry Darter worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, and as a police officer  in Oklahoma and Texas. The son of a police officer, he says he “grew up reading crime fiction novels and watching police dramas on television.”



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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