Jack Flippo

Created by Doug J. Swanson

JACK FLIPPO was a Dallas assistant DA once upon a time, but thanks to one little “libido-driven mistake”, he now finds himself seriously underemployed, working as a low-rent (but affable) private peeper, prowling cheesy motels, armed with a tape recorder and a camera.

He’s not so much hard-boiled as hard-luck, with an astonishing propensity for being in the wrong place at the exact wrong-time, and making some truly unfortunate decisions on his way to getting out of it, although Dick Adler probably summed it up best: “Jack Flippo has what might be called an anti-Midas touch: everything he puts his hands on turns to crap.”

Well-written, with some favorable blurbs comparing him to people like Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard and… Carl Hiaasen, who actually blurbed him, perhaps recognizing a kindred spirit. And while it’s a refreshing change to see some P.I. openly admitting he can be lead around by his own dick, it’s even more fun watching him trip over it, in this entertaining five-book series by Doug J. Swanson.


  • “Doug Swanson does Dallas the way Robert Parker does Boston — from the bottom up.”
    — Carl Hiaasen


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks for the heads up, Gerald.

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