John Evans

Created by Raymond Chandler

JOHN EVANS was the last pseudonym given to the character of Philip Marlowe, in a short story by Raymond Chandler. Unlike his previous short story attempts at a series character, however, by the time of Evans’ one and only appearance, “No Crime in the Mountains,” in the September 1941 issue of Detective Story), Marlowe had already been in three novels. Chandler “cannibalized” the story for the novel The Lady in the Lake some three years later.

Other names Chandler used for his loner P.I. hero include Carmady, John Dalmas and Mallory.

Coincidentally, “John Evans” was the pen name Howard Browne under which wrote the quite-Chandleresque Paul Pine novels.


  • “No Crime in the Mountains” (September 1941, Detective Story)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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