Ralph Poteet

Created by Loren D. Estleman

Motor City private eye RALPH POTEET is hardly the knight in the shiniest armour. In fact, he’s kinda scuzzy, a low-rent bottomfeeder who calls himself a private investigator, but this walking stain will stoop to just about anything, including blackmailing the Catholic church, to keep himself in Four Roses (with a Bud chaser) and to pay the rent on his crib over a dirty bookstore.

But honestly? He’s also a hoot, a real rip on the whole myth of the gumshoe as some kind of streetwise saint with a gun. And Ralph is just too dumb, and too much of a loser, to really dislike.

He makes his home in Detroit, the same stomping ground as creator Loren Estleman’s best known creation, tough-talking, wise-cracking Motor City shamus, Amos Walker.


  • “A ribald romp that spoofs most of the clichés of the genre and delivers guffaws and gore in equal measure.”
    — The San Diego Union
  • Peeper has an abundance of style, the kind of style that kept me flipping pages into the night.”
    — Detroit Free Press


  • “State of Grace” (1988, An Eye For Justice)
  • “A Hatful of Ralph” (2003, Flesh and Blood: Guilty as Sin)



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Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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