Charlie Mack

Created by Cheryl A. Head CHARLENE "CHARLIE" MACK is a Black private eye from Detroit, and Boy! Is she ever! She's covers that beleaguered city better than anyone this side of Loren Estleman's Amos Walker. And just in case it slips your mind, the series is billed as "The Charlie Mack Motown Mysteries." So don't … Continue reading Charlie Mack

Jack Ryan

Created by Elmore Leonard (1925-2013) With a few notable exceptions, Elmore Leonard didn't really write series characters, or even private eyes, for that matter. Still, his books are full of recurring characters who seemed to randomly wander in and out of his fiction, sometimes only briefly, and sometimes making themselves right at home. And a … Continue reading Jack Ryan

John Rockne (Grosse Pointe Pulp)

Created by Dan Ames Once a rookie cop in the well-to-do Detroit enclave of Grosse Pointe, on the shores of Like Michigan, JOHN ROCKNE was kicked off the force after he screwed up big time, making a fatal error in judgement which lead to the brutal murder of a young man. Six years later, he's … Continue reading John Rockne (Grosse Pointe Pulp)

Ralph Poteet

Created by Loren D. Estleman Motor City private eye RALPH POTEET is hardly the knight in the shiniest armour. In fact, he's kinda scuzzy, a low-rent bottomfeeder who calls himself a private investigator, but this walking stain will stoop to just about anything, including blackmailing the Catholic church, to keep himself in Four Roses (with … Continue reading Ralph Poteet

Amos Walker

Created by Loren D. Estleman (1952--) “When they say Detroit’s coming back, they don’t mean you’re coming with it.” -- When Old Midnight Comes Along "The world's black and white, good and bad, no matter what you hear. The people who say it isn't have already chosen black." -- Amos lays it on the line, … Continue reading Amos Walker

August Snow

Created by Stephen Mack Jones His dad was Black and his mom was Hispanic, and there's no doubt former Marine, former police officer and current private eye AUGUST SNOW is inordinately proud of where he comes from--we know that because he constantly reminds us. Still, it's often a thin line he walks between his neighbours … Continue reading August Snow

Ben Perkins

Created by Rob Kantner Imagine if Bob Seger and Raymond Chandler co-created a P.I. BEN PERKINS is not your average private eye. Most P.I.s prowl the mean streets of some big city--Ben lives in the Detroit suburb of Belleville, where he's in charge of maintenance and security at the rather toney apartment complex of Norwegian … Continue reading Ben Perkins