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Private Eye Figures & Figurines

  • The Xander P.I.
    (2015, POP! by Xander)
    I was so disappointed at the lack of P.I.-related POP! figures that I asked my B&N pal Xander to make me one…
  • Jessica Jones POP! Figure | Buy this item
    Luke Cage POP! Figure | 
    Buy this item
    (2017, Funko)
    The P.I./Funko barrier was finally breached in 2017! After years of hoping that the makers of those ever-so-collectable, big-eyed vinyl figures would show us a little shamus love, they releases figures of both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, both taken, not from the comics, but from the TV show versions streaming on Netflix. Of course we’re still waiting for more TV-based P.I. figures soon. Rockford? Mannix? Peter Gunn? Veronica Mars? Hello?
  • Monk Bobblehead  Buy it!
    I’m not sure when it came out, but it must have been during Monk’s heyday. Of course, this being a collectible, you’d best wash your hands before giving Mr. Monk’s noggin a little poke.
  • Ace Harlem: The Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Comic Book Action Cut-Out | Get it!
    (2020, Zelpha Comics)
    Only available for a brief time in the fall of 2020, this moveable and magnetic cardboard figure, based on Ace Harlem, the golden age detective from the ultra-rare All Negro Comics #1 (1947), was a true collectible, limited to only twenty-five figures. Created by John Terrell, Ace was the first Black hero featured in comics, and artist Lue Nuwame did him right. Available only through a Kickstarter page, each  figure was meticulously hand-cut, glued, trimmed, and assembled right in Lue’s living room, and shipped off in a custom box.


Preliminary list compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.

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