Jerri Johnson

Created by Jim Sanderson

JERRI JOHNSON scratches out a living as a San Antonio bounty hunter, tracking down bail jumpers, serving subpoenas and occasionally taking a gig that might not exactly pass the smell test–much to the chagrin of her pal Joe Parr, an aging, recently widowed Texas Ranger, in Safe Delivery, a 2000 standalone that drew considerable praise for its taut characterization and vivid depictions of the American Southwest.

And that would have been that, except that the author brought Jerri (and Joe) back in La Mordida (2002) and Dolph’s Team (2011), a couple of novels featuring his series character, U.S. Border Patrol officer Dolph Martinez.


Sanderson may not be the most prolific of authors, but over the years, he’s published over eighty short stories, plus essays, articles and novels, wandering from genre to genre, with almost everything he’s written being greeted with some serious acclaim. P.I. fans should also check out Gambled Dreams, his 2021 novel about West Texas bouncer Colton Parker.


  • “A wonderful and unique mixture of smart crime novel, a classy love story,. and a hard vision of the Southwest. I loved it from beginning to end.”
    — James Crumley
  • “Jim Sanderson has a particular talent for building an intricate plot into a solid pattern of complex human relationships.”
    Texas Observer


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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