Maria Magdalena “Maggie” Morales

Created by Carolina García-Aguilera

Cuban investigator MARIA MAGDALENA MORALES (call her “Maggie”–everyone else does) has been around, and seen it all. She’s been married at least four times (number two was Cuban, number four a Venuzuelan), speaks Spanish fluently and has been working as a private eye (license #C8802651) for Bobby O’Meara, a Miami attorney, for ten years.

She’s also got a seriuous addiction to Law & Order reruns and her 200-pound dog, Sweetie, to contend with. She’s only appeared, as far as I know, in one brief short story, “The Right Profile,” but it’s a keeper. It appeared in Hit List, a 2009 collection of Latino mystery.

The author, Carolina García-Aguilera, is probably best known for her acclaimed series featuring another Cuban-American private eye, Lupe Solano.



  • Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
    Florida Man Craig Pittman profiles the woman who brought the Cuban-American experience to Miami noir. (January 2021, CrimeReads)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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