Free Books!

After a lifetime of reading and a couple of decades of The Thrilling Detective Web Site, I’ve ended up with a house full of books. Way too many books. Books from sea to shining sea: ARCs, gifts, ones I’ve actually bought myself. New books, old books, special editions, books I already have two or more of. Some because they were recommended, some because I’ve always wanted to read them, some because they were just too cheap to pass by, some because I liked the cover.

But they sure pile up.

I’ll never read them all, despite my best efforts, although it would be nice to think I will. And so, what to do?

I could try selling them online, but from experience that would take forever, and the amount of energy versus the income generation just ain’t worth it (for the most part, these aren’t “collectibles–just reading copies. Or ARCs, which arguably shouldn’t be sold at all).

Or I could donate them to the library or the Goodwill, which I have in the past.

But then I thought to myself, “Hey, these are mostly crime and detective books. The people who visit my site like crime and detective books. So, why not give first crack to people who will actually enjoy them?”

And so, I’m going to give away some books. All you have to do is leave a comment on one of the pages of this site (not including this one), and I’ll choose a few of the better ones every month, and send them a few books.

After all, books are a promise to the future, and this is my way of paying it forward.

Sound fair?

6 thoughts on “Free Books!

  1. I also am trying to pare down my library but will never part with my favorites which I hope to reread some day: Lawrence Block, Robert Campbell, A. A. Fair, Elmore Leonard, John D. MacDonald, Dallas Murphy, Laurence Shames, William G. Tapply, Donald E. Westlake, Charles Willeford, R. D. Wingfield. Thank you for sharing your books.

    1. Pretty much what I’m doing. Because of the site and my gig as a critic for MYSTERY SCENE, the RAP SHEET, etc, I’m constantly sent books, whether they’re relevant to my interests or not. Those I usually just donate to the local library. But the others? I’d rather give them to someone who’ll appreciate them. But I’m keeping my favourites, books I’ve loved, books that still echo down the years.

      Anything’s better than books in a landfill.

      1. Well, that sounds like a good idea. I have two 8-tier antique bookshelves and try to maintain just these two shelves in my collection.

        I love to hold a book in my hand when reading it. Not a kindle type of person.

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