Karl Morgen

Created by Dietrich Kalteis

Seattle bounty hunter KARL MORGEN got his licence yanked for being a little too enthusiastic about bringing in a skipped bond, so he’s now eking out a living as a process server across the border in Vancouver in Ride the Lightning (2014), Dietrich Kalteis’ headsnapping (and promising) debut.

Lark figures it’ll be safer there, less dangerous, quiter, peaceful-like, more… you know, Canadian; a place where “people settle things with middle fingers instead of guns.”

Turns out trouble doesn’t recognize international boundaries, and there are plenty of junkies, car boosters, dealers, pot growers, strippers, bouncers, enforcers, hookers, bikers and, uh, sheepkillers on both sides of the line.

Fortunately, Karl ploughs through it all with plenty of wit and grit, and the author keeps things popping.

Let’s keep an eye on this Kalteis guy…


  • “What I like best is that it sustains a breakneck pace without sacrificing character to action, or action to character. Kalteis made me care about his cast of lowlifes, screw-ups, and marginals without stopping the action too often for endearing moments of humanity or self-conscious wit.”
    — Detectives Beyond Borders
  • “Dietrich Kalteis will be deservedly compared to Elmore Leonard, but he is an original voice. Ride the Lightning is a great story filled with wonderfully flawed characters.”
    — John McFetridge



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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