Bounty Hunters

“Not your average nine-to-five job”

“To be certain, bounty hunting isn’t your average nine-to-five job. But then, I’m not your average guy. I’ve had guns pointed in my face so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve survived having the trigger pulled more than once or twice. I have been stabbed, scratched, beaten up, and hit with every imaginable (and unimaginable) weapon of choice — chains, boards, tire irons, golf club and crowbars. I’ve been tossed through windows, pushed through walls, and shoved through doors.
Does that make me a tough guy? You bet your ass.”
— from You Can Run But You Can’t Hide by Duane “Dog” Chapman

Who do you call when you’ve posted bond and the ungrateful beneficiary of your kindhearted generosity (minus your cut) decides to take a powder?

The bounty hunter, arguably “the ultimate outsider in law enforcement,” and frequently one of the most despised, has been a standard character in American fiction at least since the days of the Old West. It’s also interesting how he (or she) has morphed into the modern era. Here are a few suggestions:


Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Who did I miss?

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