Ruby Dark

Created by Bruce W. Most

She’s mean, she’s ornery, she’s seen fifty and doesn’t care who knows it, and you better stay on her good side. She’s RUBY DARK, a Lamborghini-driving, Denver-based widow who took over her husband’s bail bond businessafter he was murdered.

But this is no pearl-clutching widow woman–and you better not treat her like one. She’s “the queen of Denver’s rough-and-tumble bail bond community,” with a chip on her shoulder and a low tolerance for skips. Her and her idealistic young nephew David are rumoured to do almost anything to track down a skip, and in the two books she was in, they certainly certainly went about trying to prove it.


A former freelance writer, Bruce W. Most work has appeared in such magazines as Parade, TV Guide, American Way, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Travel & Leisure, and over 1,000 articles  for the Financial Planning Association. His first novel featuring Ruby Dark, Bonded for Murder, appeared in 1996, coincidentally the same year Michael Stone’s Streeter  and Robert Greer’s C.J. Floyd–both also bail bondsmen based in Denver–made their debuts (“Alas, to far less attention,” the author confesses). But that hasn’t scared him off the mystery beat. His most recent mystery is The Big Dive (2019), a sequel to Murder on the Tracks (2015), and Rope Burn (2013), about cattle rustling and murder in contemporary Wyoming, won best genre novel in the 2014 annual Colorado Authors’ League awards.  He and his wife live in Denver, Colorado.


  • “Honey, if I post bond for you, I own you. You skip on me, I want to know where I can find your ass.”
    — Ruby to potential client



  • “Broken Bonds” (1998,
    How Ruby became “the queen of Denver’s rough-and-tumble bail bond community.”


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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